What am I getting into?

This is my first feeble step into world of blogging.  I just spent $48.00  I don’t really have, on a blog site.  I tried another blog attempt, maybe eight years ago, that went nowhere.  I didn’t have to pay for that one.  It must have been here because my first email address had already been taken.

The only common thread on this site is that is published in The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, NV.

So what is the blog about?  Making money I hope.  They say it can be done, so I have a year to find out.

Like Seinfeld it is about nothing, and everything.

It is a place for me to put my thoughts, both fact and fiction, politics, current affairs, music, common sense, and what ever the fuck I can think of.

It is going to look a little rough until I learn the WordPress software, bear with me.


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