Memories are what you what you believe they are.

When I first started writing stories on Facebook it was an exercise to wake up my mind, to get rid of the mud that had hardened my brain, and to stir up the rest of the gray matter that remained.  It worked. Whether that was a good thing has yet to be determined.

Memories.  It is human nature for us to recall only the good ones.  It is better for us to see the beauty of a honey bee in flight, rather than the pulsing venom sac, after the bee has pushed it’s stinger into our arm.

For every pleasant memory I stirred up, an unpleasant memory bubbled up with it.  Is this a good thing?  Yes, I think it is.  Well at least for me.

Five years ago I swore to myself that I would NEVER get a Facebook page.  I did, but only so I could find an easy place to find and play Candy Crush.  A few years later I caved.

The past two years have reshaped my opinion of Facebook, and have led to this blog.

Will this be a good thing?  Ask me in a year.


2 thoughts on “Memories are what you what you believe they are.

  1. Mr. Campbell I took your suggestion and read your frolicsome stories.
    You’ve nudged me to contemplate a similar endeavor. My unwillingness to be ridiculed has put my asperations of writing in a state of limbo.
    I read your explanation why you took on this asperation.
    You stated that you didn’t want to cause conflict. I immediately asked myself “Why not”. We can only reflect on life according to our experiences. Then I realized that most the greatest authors contributed to forms of conflict or disapproval.
    Arousing emotions and mental stimulation is the purpose of a composition whether the reader agrees or disagrees you have no control of that tidbit.
    Indirectly you’ve guided me down a path I hope to travel. Through you I saw my reluctance was trivial.
    Thank you.

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