This clipping from the Nevada State Journal dated 17 November 1957, shows a number of proposed routes of the new Freeway that would be built through Reno.  I-80.  The 7th St route won, but not without a battle.  The construction wouldn’t begin for almost another decade, but the effects of speculation on which would be chosen affected everyone along each proposed route.  Even before the final pick of the route the area between 6th and 7th, Elm, Maple, and several other streets lost value, and became increasingly hard to sell, with many soon abandoned.

Court  and Commercial were given up early in the fight, followed by the Third St route.


This gentleman, Walter S. Baring, Nevada’s at large House Representative—you have all driven down Baring Blvd—was responsible in a several year delay in the construction of the freeway.  He was the most vocal and powerful proponent of the northern route for the freeway, roughly following the now McCarren loop in the north.  He fought hard, but to no avail.  There seemed to be a conflict on how much this route would benefit him personally.

He lost, but I am now wondering if he might have been right on the Northern bypass.




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