1969.  Mom has come home with a large cardboard box.  There is no printing on the outside of the box, to indicate what it is.  I am intrigued.  We gather in the living room to check out what it is.

We open the box.  The first two items we pull out are two green felt cloths, one is a Black Jack table layout, the other a small Crap table, I still refuse to call it Craps.  Inside there are four MoonShot glasses.


As we reach into the box many more surprises await.  There is a small box filled with a dozen sets of Harolds Club dice, with out the chain.  The edges are sharp enough to cut a slice in your finger.


There is a box of ten decks of red Bee playing cards with the Harolds Club logo on them, and then for the fans of the blue decks of Harolds Club cards, there are another ten in blue.  If you were a BlackJack player then, you could request that a new deck be used at anytime.  If you didn’t like red cards, you could ask for blue.



Next there were several small round ashtrays and boxes of matches.




Also inside the box were a number of sets of the two volume Pioneer Nevada books, the first published the year I was born.


It was fun discovering the goodies inside the box, even though there was nothing that I hadn’t seen before.  The goodies inside were distributed to relatives in California, and we did get more that one box, just to make sure we didn’t run out of matches.

2 thoughts on “The HAROLDS CLUB GIFT BOX

  1. I like your website a lot……I’m a native and I’m 70. You are a very gifted writer. Love the stories. How do you remember it all? Good for you I say.

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