Who I Am.

I have been informed that I should tell you who I am.

I am George, a California born, RENO NATIVE, living in Reno since the winter of 1955.  Don’t bother arguing about pure Nevada Native status, it will do you no good.  My earliest valid memories are of Reno, there are a few foggy memories before that, but those can’t be confirmed.

By the time I hit 16, I had lived at eight different addresses, and went to eight different schools, rarely staying in one address or school a full year.

Between the age of 16 to 29 I often left home (Reno), spending that period of my life thumbing and/or driving throughout the country; visiting 47 out of the 50 states, missing Hawaii (too hard to thumb in the water), Alaska (too freaking cold) and Texas (cause I just didn’t want to.  The longest period gone was about four years when I lived in Portland Ore, and where I met my wife.  We met in a bar in Tigard, OR, I proposed at the bar in Circus Circus, got married in The Silver Queen Saloon, and spent the most of the night of my wedding day at the Washoe Bar.

We moved back to Reno in 1981, and remained, our two daughters were both born here at Washoe Med, and thankfully grew up to be two highly intelligent young women who have never done drugs, been arrested, or knocked up.

In July of 2016 we received the news that my wife had Ovarian cancer, and over the next 18 months I cared for her.  In the hours I could spare I would post small stories on Facebook and read them and the many positive comments to her as she recovered.  She lost her battle on December 8th, 2017.

I am now a man who is learning how to live on his own.  It’s rough but my wife Lori told me that I would be fine after she was gone.  I am trying to live up to that.

I am 66 now, with a lot of time on my hands, and at night I find myself at my desk writing what ever comes to mind.  Most of the stories on the blog by default are about living and growing up in Reno, but will not stop at that.  I will write about many other things, Music, politics, cancer and healthcare, and whatever else crosses my mind.

You are all welcome to come along, if you like what you read, please comment.  I am new at this blogging stuff, so you can expect the site to be a little rough for awile until I get more of an idea of what I am doing.

Thank You,

Geo Campbell.



8 thoughts on “Who I Am.

  1. I completely understand you concidering yourself a native Renoite. My brother as born in S.F. but our parents moved back before his memory kicked in. All of his school years were here in Reno. He always did consist himself a native of Reno.

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