It was a Beautiful Day.

A Day That Will Live In, Symphony

Fall of 63, 67 ,68 whenever.

We can feel it, coming through the air tonight, oh Lord

We’ve been waiting for this moment for all our lies, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord, Oh Lord.

The tension in the air has been thick for a couple of weeks. Some say for the past few nights, after midnight they could hear it calling it’s name really quietly. The time is close, its morning as it begins.
Shhhh! Can You Hear It. Listen closely, closer, The beast says “When” followed by a burst of white noise, and then it begins “you’re alone, and life is making you lonely you can always go Downtown. THE BEAST HAS ARRIVED and it’s NAME IS KCBN.
Every 9-volt battery in the city is now in the hands of the, uh, US. Japan is thanking us for boosting their GDP with the purchase of their tiny little radios, Thanks back. The sound of rock and roll, is filling the air around Reno. The parents can hear it too. They have NO IDEA of the Crazy Train we are about to board, some on more of a Hellbound Train.
its_a_beautiful_day_sealed1Gone are the radio days that brought us Crying In The Rain by Johnny Ray, He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands, ( the youth version by Laurie London – he’s a boy you know) Paul Anka, Bye Mr. Boone, say hello to Debbie, she lit up my life for awhile. My fave, Gene Pitney doesn’t seem to get much airplay anymore
Earlier we had gotten our first color TV and KCRL 4 NBC has just begun broadcasting. I see a news report about a bunch of guys, playing songs in a brick lined cellar, in a place appropriately called the Cellar, imagine that? They are John, Paul, George, and Ringo aka. The Beatles. This is the first volley of the upcoming British Invasion. The sound on the report is poor but the snippets of songs weren’t bad. A bit later they are on The Ed Sullivan Show. KCBN provides the rest.
The surfers, Jan and Dean, Chantays, the Astronauts, and The Trashmen, are falling like Dominos in a Pipeline. The Beach Boys live on, but why do we play their music, when the last time they were here, people had to dodge Dennis Wilson’s drumsticks and they swore they would “never play here again.” They lied, but it took about 30 years. I didn’t see that concert, but that is the story I heard about it.
If you were a guy, you had to hate the Beatles naturally, damn goofy girls, OH PAUL, OH JOHN IS SUCH A DREAM. Bah Humbug, give me The Dave Clark 5 anyday. “Because” is still the best song ever, well one of them. The Stones, Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers, EPIC. The pond is crossed, even as far as Reno, when lo and behold. One of the first events held at the new Pioneer Theater Auditorium is, directly from England, Eric Burdon and the Animals. I think they were doing a movie at the Lake during that time.

Ty and I get tickets and go together, seats close to the stage, to close for Ty, as he asked onstage for a bit of levity by Eric himself.
The Beast begins growing fiercer, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, Quicksilver Messenger Service (What You Gonna Do About Me is just as pertinent today), Jethro Tull, OMG JANIS,
It’s A Beautiful Day has a show at Sundance Lodge, early winter, my friend Rob (more on him later) speed up Mt. Rose and get there early. David LaFlamme is gorgeous, straight blonde hair, and vest, and moccasins, his better half is also gorgeous. The stereo system shuts down as the band boards the stage. It is quiet, a soft tinkling begins, David leans forward, “There’s a Girl In My Room With No Eyes” and I float away, two more songs and then a good twenty minute version of Bombay Calling.
Outside the snow has been falling, thick, and heavy, no one cares. Ironically the first song of the second set is Hot Summer Day, followed by Time Is, White Bird, and finally ten or so minutes of Wasted Union Blues. At that moment I was a card carrying member of that union, along with the eight or so remaining patrons. The music ends, we coat up and open the front door.

In the distance we see, well, we were supposed to see our car. What we saw was a group of eight large white moguls, on 431, the snow is two feet deep, there are no tracks in the snow. The owner demands that no one even attempt getting home. One advantage is that the band is stuck also. As we pour back into the bar we had the best two hour encore of some of the best music. About six of us stumbled into one of the rooms to get some sleep and a hangover. By early morning enough of the snow had melted, that we could get back home.

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