My 2nd Job

      There was a post once or twelve times that asked what was your first job in Reno.
      Two days as a busboy at the Overland.
      It was my second job that was an adventure and a joy.
      Scrap Metal + a 49 Chevy pickup = $$$$$$.
      My day begins at 7:30 as Rob and I fire up the truck. It is an old green quarter ton pickup, loaded with about 1800 lbs of scrap metal.  Five engine blocks, one an old Hemi I could sell for thousands today, and a crapload of other iron junk. On the top of the stack are about five radiators, so our first stop is Doc’s Radiator Shop. He knows us by name, and one of the crew takes each radiator and strips off the steel frame, then weighs each core. Doc doesn’t seem to mind that sometimes the radiators were still warm, and full of liquid. $25.00 so far and the day has just begun.
      Reno Salvage was the next stop, we stop on the scales, take our load in to be emptied, and then back on the scale. The register opens and we get another $25.00.
      It is now 8:30 on a cool spring day, we zip across the street; the 49,50,51 Chevy pickup could zip when it was empty, we had one or more of each year; they weren’t hard to find.
      We pull in along a building, there is a hole in the wall and we tell the clerk that we need a short case of Bud. We hand our money in and he hands the beer out. Rob and I are 17.
      The next, however long we decided, minutes were spent driving through town, stopping at every pile of metallic junk we could find in and around town. You can thank me for cleaning up town, as you wish.
      Most days we could load the truck up by two, sell the scrap, and have a full truck by the end of the day, ready for the first thing in the morning.
      I must amend this by saying, if you lost a starter, battery, radiator, etc, in the late 60’s, I apologize, and that the Statue of Limitations has long passed.

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