Where is Wanda?>

A Social Experiment;“Find Wanda”

It is 04/06/2018 at 7:40 pm PDST.

The experiment begins. Please download and copy of ELO’s “All Over The World” video. It is 4:10 second long. Watch it through four or five times in a row.

It’s a good song; I was never a big ELO fan, but they grew on me later years.

It is a flash mod video, I first stumblled upon it as the video that would go uber viral when t steps down. It was filmed all over the world which is probably why, naw forget it. I could probably research it well enough to find out what city, mall, or station each section of the video was taken. I could, but I don’t give a shit.

I am focused on the people. It is late 80’s or 90’s, you cant really tell.

We get a clue at :49 into the video, it is an airport serving Delta and Frontier, I’m thinking Denver. Three seconds later we are in a Target somewhere. You never actually see a Target Logo, but if you have ever been in one, you know.

At 1:15 we are abruptly transported to France circa 18th century, a group of satin clad, bewigged gentlemen, dancing elegantly, with a full skirted mademoiselle; kinda of a glitch and not needed for anything but filler.

At 1:22 we have left the US, I think. There is a crowd of PEOPLE dancing in front of a number of sculptures. I’m thinking London, the video shifts to a Mall, there is a Debendhams, we ARE in London. Damn I’m good.


At 1:30 into the video there is an orange glow, in an otherwise gray, but massive building. There are two girls, one in an orange skirt, and then ‘Wanda’. Both girls are the only bit of color in the poorly filmed video.


Can we find ‘Wanda’?

She appears several time in the next few seconds of the video, but at 1:55 into the video, you get the first real sight of her. You see a confidenet young girl, maybe nine years old. She is into the dance, and she performs it beautifully.

NOW, Let’s find Wanda.

Share this with everyone, or anyone. The timer has started. How long will it take a socially connected world to find her?

I want to know what she thinks NOW.

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