Uniform of the day. 1967


T-shirt, white, round neck stretched out from the sweat. The T-shirt comes off early, it is 9:00 am and it is already 85 degrees. No wind, Relative Humidity -3%, it really is a dry heat, but you still cant help sweating a bit. The shirt is tucked into the belt loop of your 501’s cut offs. The 501’s are two years old, when I got them I had to fold a double 3” cuff on them; a year later the cuff was done only once, six moths later the cuff of the pants were a full two inches above my ankle. They cut was to mid thigh.

Feet clad in crew socks, on with red bands, the other blue, it doest matter cause the socks sag down to the tops of your high top tennis shoes. My first duty to do to a new pair of tennis shoes was to rip off the rubber tags at the ankle of the shoe. Keds were round, Converse arched or straight. You could see where the tags used to be, regardless; I rarely got Converse.

In my right front pocket is a silver dollar, and a bit of loose change, enough to take the bus round trip to Sparks, watch a movie at the Sparks Theater, and maybe a bag of buttered pop corn.

I walk to downtown, and wait on the Virginia St Bridge for the big orange bus. I see my friend Jimmy and we begin to talk. We plan, if we both walk to Sparks, there would be ebough money to get is both in the movie, a box of Jr. Mints, and bus fare home. It is a long walk but nothing we havent done before.

We head back through town on Lake, and turn east on US40, in front of Louis’s Basque Corner. It is not long before we come to the first swimming pool. The pools are for customers of each motel, I can’t remember how many have pools, but the ones that do we jump into. The most consistant rules for each motels was no denim cutoffs, so are stays are never long enough to actually swim. It was jump in take three strokes across the narrowest part of the pool, haul our asses out and get a half a block away, before a motel employee come out to harrass us. The next motel is only three blocks away so the t shirts remain dripping on our belt loops, and our crew socks auishe inside our shoes for another block or two.

We manage to stay in the pool for about ten minutes at the El Rancho, which is good since the next pool is aways away. By the time we reach that one, the still wet T-shirt goes back on. It is not protection from the Sun, two previous trips to Pyramid has given me a light brown skin that reflect and deflect any Ultra-violet light. Forget the Sea & Ski.

There is one more pool before we hit the Nugget, we go in shirts on, and leave them on; I want to be dry when I see my probation officer. I got on probation in Sparks, but had since moved back to Reno; they still want me to report.

I am dry as I entered to Sparks Municipal Court house,well it used to be, now it is Parole and Probation and a couple lawyers set up a shingle, and it’s the library, the new Court House is open over by Dilworth. I am also 15 mintues late. My PO yells at me about the tardiness, and tells me to go home; ‘and next week wear pants and a shirt’.

Okay sure!.

We are free. We stop in the library but don’t check out anything; didn’t want to haul a book back home. We stroll back to the theater. The main feature starts again at noon, Martin and Lewis, something followed by cartoons, a Lowell Thomas newreel, somtime John Cameron Swayse. We stay for the lame second feature.

We get out a 5:00pm; it is 97 degrees, our bus fare spent on a Coke; I hate Coke, they should serve Pepsi too. We no longer have bus fare and begin out trudge home. There are not as many pools on the south side of US40, but we hit them all.

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