The Asocial Media.

Facebook, Snap Chat, and Twitter, ad naseum, Democratic, Republican party logos_35712674_7960360_ver1.0_1280_720all state that they want to provide a Platform for the People. This is not a condemnation. It is a WTF moment, the W standing for Why.

For the recorded past it has been shown over and over again that when one group meets another there is usually an orgy, or a battle. 95% are battles. That is the way we are; not the way we should be. I am sure that last statement was met with more boos, than smiley faces, or thumbs up.

Five years ago after a number of years of abstinence I got a Facebook page. I remained friendless for two years, the only thing I did on FB was get easy access to Candy Crush Saga, et al. I would sometimes scroll down my home page, meh; no big deal. I would occasional comment on something I read. I had no notifications set so I never saw any options to reply. I was a FB virgin then.

One day when I was feeling a bit depressed I searched for Reno on FB and a site came up. I looked at what I could see; and found out that I liked what I saw. I asked to join, and was invited to join.

I became a poster, I would post an obscure Reno photo with a single line comment. The first post was a picture of a self-serve laundromat, that had been in Reno for decades. My comment was a mild sarcasm about how much “FUN” it was to do two loads of laundry on a night I should have been out driving around. The first reply to my post was a vitriolic rant by a woman who “LOVED” to do laundry. It wasn’t a reply offering ‘critical critisim’ it was just rude. It kind of hurt for awhile. Then the postive comments and replys started. I was ready to quit ‘social media’ for good, but I read the positive comments. A day or two later after getting over the blast from my retractor, I wrote another little story. Within hours I watched the likes, and comments grow and grow. A while later, after another half dozen stories, I was informed by FB that I had achieved 6000 likes. The notifications grew more frequent, at one point the likes increased by a thousand in less than a week. I have made a few Friends, there are more requests than I accept.

I continued to explore and joined a few other groups, mostly political. I had fun I guess, but then in 2016 it became vicious to engage a lot of people. It became DEMONCRAT vs. REPUGNICANT. I still don’t understand why. What ‘good’ does a political designation do?

The first time I registered to vote I registered as a Non-Partisan, no one has the right to classify me. I have never changed. We hear about the left-wing; all people oriented, and the right-wing all business oriented. Fuck Both of you. I am NP, or should I say the HEAD of the Eagle, the one that keeps both ‘wings’ in sync.

What the Fuck is wrong with you — wing people? You go out day after day; picking up groceries, buying gas, and eating out. You run into scores of people every fucking day. A red hatted overweight man opens the door for you, you enter and tell him “thank you” and proceed. As you leave the store a young Mexican man holds the door for you, and you tell him thank you? When you get home you forget about the 20 people you have interacted with; without conflict, and come home and turn on your FB, and immediately pounce on the most racist rant you can find. You like the quote or the pic, which you have no fucking idea if it is true. You see a post with something in the picture that catches your eye. You have not read the post or bothered to see who posted it, but yet withing seconds you comment.

If you are a “T” supporter or not, shame on you. You are an “American”

There are dozens of old driver’s education films, which empasize the way a mild mannered husband becomes a devil in control of a 200 hp Vehicle of Mass Destruction. It is the same for a lot of us when we get behind the “invisibilty of asocial media”

Political Affiliation is NOT a genetic trait. If you describe yourself as REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT. Shame on you, and everything you have been “told” that you believe, are you unable to “THINK” for yourself?


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