On a rainy night in the fall of 66, Rob and I are standing under the marque at the Mapes. The neon cowboys whose legs formed the M, are reflected off the wet roadway.

We are waiting for our ‘buy’; we have gathered up $10.00 for a ‘lid’ of pot. It is our first; not only our first buy, but our first ‘try’.  Our dealer shows up on time, and we swap the money for a full baggie of green stuff.  The guy that sold it to us said it was ‘Acapulco Gold’; in truth is was a bunch of homegrown leaf, seeds, and stems, not as much as a pea-sized bud.

We make our way to a friends house, and look at the bag wondering what to do next.  The friend we were visiting knew what had to be done.  He began trying to roll a big joint of still green leaf.  I knew how to roll a Buglar without the little machine, so I did the honors. We lit the small cyliner and sucked hard, and passed it on.  The four of us are soon coughing in unison.

Did we get high?  I force myself to have it be true that we did.

I have been a consistant user of Cannibis, and will continue to be so.  If anyone has objections, let’s TALK.


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