Errett Labbon

Errett Labbon, E. L. to his friends, died on January 2nd, 1974 in Reno, Nevada.  Some of you may know exactly who I am talking about by now, most of you will remember soon.  It stated that he died on his ranch near Reno.

In 1961 he lived on Sharon Way which at that time it may have been a ranch.  Today his house is the only house on Sharon Way, that you can’t enter directly off the roadway. The large house is surrounded by other houses so thickly you cant see it.  There is a non-discript patch of concrete leading several yards  through the trees.  It may have been gated at one time. It has a pool.


This was one of E.L.’s projects a Vultee V-1A airliner.  In the late 30’s E.L. bought all 500 shares of the Airplane Development Corporation from Gerard Vultee, and after a few years of work the company merged with Consolidated Aircraft forming a company called Convair. Convair would later be known as the builder of the F-106 Delta Dart and then to the Atlas-Centaur rocket.   E.L. didn’t have much to do in the day to day affairs, he just ran the Foundation that controlled the money.


This was another of E.L.’s projects.  It is a Whittlesea Checker Cab, a Marathon, that used to clutter the streets of Reno.  I don’t know for sure if E.L. had any thing to do with Whittlesea Taxi, maybe, but his Foundation controlled the workings of the early Checker Cab Company.

E.L., had quite a life starting as a young boy in Warrensburg, Mo,  onto Los Angeles in the 30’s as a race car driver, mechanic, and car salesman.  The a year or two in England. My mom knew him and always though it when she was a young girl in LA, but now it may very well have been in Reno, or both.

E.L., earned and lost and earned fortunes over his lifetime, real estate, autos, airplanes you name it, but then one fine day in the 40’s he did something, that many Renoites know and understand.  He moved from Beverley Hills to Reno and stayed for the remainder of his life.


E.L. expanded the horizons of many of our lives when he began KCRL TV and gave Reno it’s 2nd TV stations. The CRL stands for Circle L, the name of his Nevada Ranch.

If you still don’t remember E.L., I have one more hint.



He made these.

RIP Errett Labbon Cord.


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